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4 guarantees of JTL instantaneous water heater

4 guarantees of JTL instantaneous water heater
4 guarantees of JTL instantaneous water heater
  • Constant temperature control
    makes your bath and shower more pleasant.
    • Rapid heating up technology supplying hot water at set temperatures in the shortest time.
    • Thermostat setting range 35 - 65 ℃ , water temperature can be easily adjusted according to your preferences.
    • Constant temperature controlling from intelligent microcomputer, water temperature can be supplying stable without issues.
  • Safety
    assurance makes you feeling relieved when using it.
    • SUS 304 exhaust pipe meeting SGS verified standards without worrying of rusty issue.
    • System protection device ensuring your safety by automatically shutoff gas supply when continuous ignition failure or power supply being cutoff suddenly.
    • System protection device stops automatically when water heater was used continuously for 40 minutes.
    • More protection devices were equipped such as protection from combusting, overheating, and flame accidentally extinguished…etc.
  • Energy Saving
    that is just super intelligent.
    • Effectively reduces gas consumptions, not only saving your bills but protecting earth's resources.
    • Intelligent microcomputer control technology creates maximum efficiency of gas combustion.
  • Stability quality
    JTL is always intended in doing more with our best efforts.
    • Oxygen free copper water tank was used that ensuring rust-resistant and durable in longer lifespan.
    • Two-level with three-flame mode, providing steady hot water supply of set temperature with accurate flame controlling by automatic switching system according to seasonal needs.
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