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dish dryer
dish dryer

JTL has always been committing to long term development of dish dryers since the date of company established.

At the leading position of development with ozone sterilization and rapid drying technologies, you get outstanding JTL dish dryers with variety of fitting designs to perfectly matching in kitchen spaces. . Our development and efforts all come from the needs of various customers and users in meeting their satisfactions.

Hanging type dish dryer

In consideration of overall kitchen cabinet designs, choose JTL hanging type dish dryer to optimize your space utilization.

Built-in dish dryer (lower cabinet)

Incorporating large-capacity and design, lower cabinet built-in dish dryer meet the storage need of bigger numbers of family member without wasting your kitchen spaces.

Drawer type dish dryer

Elegant streamlined design shows fashionable lifestyle. High quality drawer type dish dryer optimizes your space utilization and makes your life more happiness.

Built-in dish dryer fitting with cabinet doors

Double layer spacing with humanized operation, it’s just so easy for taking care of your times in the kitchen. Ozone or UV sterilization function and stylish embedded design perfectly matching with exquisite kitchen space.

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