JT–3618Q-Dish dryerJT–3618Q

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  1. 簡約禪風純淨

    • Flat plane mirror-surface glass panel

    • Patented removable doors for easy cleaning

    • Speed drying button and open-door power-off memory to save time and provide safety

    • Extra thick dish rack design for increased durability

    • Durable high-intensity LED lighting

    • Industry-first discrete touch buttons

    • Discrete scrubber stick

    • Ozone sterilization and deodorization

    • 2 width size to be choose


JT–3618Q-Dish dryerJT–3618Q

Power (W) 280W
Voltage (V) 110V / 60Hz
Product dimensions(WxDxH)mm 798x320x400 mm